Nikolay Synkov

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Nikolay Synkov

In Brief

Nikolay is an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts and works with the medium of the single-family home and its interior and exterior artwork. For photographs of his recent projects, click the "works" link. Nikolay and his work have served as the founding principle and inspiration for the founding of Fermata Arts Foundation, inc.
The following links (PDF) are a couple of essays Nikolay recommends to better understand his approach to the arts.

Khomyakov: An Essay on Architectonics.

Pisarev: A Critical Sketch.

Nikolay Synkov
(years active: 1994-present), Avon Connecticut
abstract prepared by Tatyana Ishutkina)

Nikolay Synkov is known as an artist in the development and diffusion of decorative art and architectural styles since late 90s. The purpose of this paper is to examine Nikolay Synkov's style of decorative art in detail and make a comparison between the different phases of his development in order to clarify the nature of his decorative art and architectural style. This has been done in three sections which correspond to the three major periods in Synkov's career. The first period treated finds Nikolay Synkov at the beginning of his artist career in Portland, OR between 1994 and 1997, when his work was dominated by the experimentation of new materials and tools. The second period, his formative years in Newton, MA, expands the achievements of his early Portland's years. The third section of the paper deals more broadly with Synkov's various involvements in the developing decorative art and architectural profession. Although this activity spans his entire career, particular attention is given to the years between 2001 and 2010, when Synkov's situation changed dramatically and the nature of his decorative art profession also changed with the influx of numerous innovative methods incorporated into his style. Synkov's activities as a modern stylist are the subject of the final section of the paper.

In general Synkov proved to be highly experimental, increasingly eclectic and often more lavish in the size of the designs and the decoration of the surfaces. Because of his humble origins, his self training and the fact that he never expressed himself as an artist outside of America, his work has the constant evidence of the firm connection to the nature which is presented within this paper. What aspects exist which make Synkov's work common with other decorative art artists and what characteristics could be isolated in order to determine what in Synkov's work represented a consistent series of approaches or tendencies (since he is so eclectic and works in a succession of three period styles) which would enabled this writer to attribute some certain motifs to Nikolay Synkov which had previously remained unidentified.

Among other things, a penchant for non-through carving was discovered which continued throughout Synkov's career, without regard for changes in decorative art styles and without a complete understanding of the external sources for these non-through carving. The evidence in this paper re-affirms the importance of Nikolay Synkov's role in the development and diffusion of the modernist style in American decorative art and architecture. He has an unusual sensitivity to the potential elegance of the wood carving which enables him to produce some of his finest works.

Nikolay Synkov was born in the next year after the end of the World War II. He has no scholarly knowledge of decorative art and architectural styles, but this did not prevent him to become an expert what is reflected in some of his finest works.

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