Nikolay Synkov

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The project in Avon (24 Brentwood Drive) was featured in Hartford Magazine's October 2008 issue. See the story below! (click for PDF file)

Home Living Feature Hartford Magazine October 2008

what people are saying

"I found it fascinating. Wood for me is organic, alive and to see it reflect aspects of your own visual and spiritual life makes your house a rich sight. I am truly amazed by what you have done. There is a soul and a spirit there."

Michael W. Mulhern

"In contemporary design practice, what Nikolay Synkov has done in his three completed houses is rare and unique: his unabashedly ornamented interiors and sensuous sculptured exterior ornament in wood and concrete, teetering in the fine balance between rational and irrational, referential and non-referential, carpenter gothic and the traditional wood architecture of Eastern Europe, his work is original and complex."

Sean M. Cummings

"What a remarkable man Nikolay Synkov is to have designed and made such elaborate woodwork for your home! I have never seen anything like it. The whole thing must certainly be preserved as a significant work of art."

Douglas Brown

"Your house is such a delight with all the beautiful wood art. It gives such a feeling of peace and joy to your home. The small accents of wood carvings and little bird perches are so imaginative and artful. It brings a feeling of the outdoors to the inside of the house."

Lynda Orzen

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